What We Do:

We are professionally trained dispute resolution professionals who are passionate about helping parties find creative solutions to their conflicts. 


How We Get There:

We work to obtain outstanding results through preparation, hard work, fairness, flexibility, unflappable patience and persistent follow-up.  We are committed to working diligently with you through the entire mediation process, from the initial engagement to the signing of the settlement agreement.  With substantial experience representing individuals and companies, as well as serving as corporate leaders in a global financial institution, we have a unique combination of legal and business acumen that allows us to identify creative solutions to the most complex and contentious issues.  And, we do not consider the job done until settlement is reached.


Mediation, Arbitration, Early Neutral Evaluation, Internal Investigations, Advice & Counsel

Fee Schedule:

$300 Per Hour, Divided Equally Among the Parties.

$300 per hour will be charged for any pre-mediation consultation and emails, reading time, and mediation session time.  Travel time (outside of the Charlotte metropolitan area) will be charged at $200 per hour.

Payment Responsibility:

Fees and costs are the obligation of the parties and their attorneys, jointly and severally.

Cancellation Policy:

If any of the parties cancel a half or full day mediation within three (3) business days of the scheduled date, the parties will be assessed a cancellation fees as follows:  half-day matter $450; full day matter $900, plus all preparation and travel time actually incurred.  If another matter can be scheduled in the cancellation time slot, the cancellation fee will not apply.


Rebecca S. Henderson

Rebecca S. Henderson is a lawyer, consultant, and community leader with more than thirty years of experience in managing and resolving complex commercial disputes.  As a former executive in the legal department of a large financial institution, Rebecca managed a team of more than 180 attorneys, paralegals and legal professionals across multiple domestic and international locations who provided advice and counsel on all aspects of commercial banking, capital markets, corporate trust, and insurance services. Prior to her corporate service, Rebecca was a partner in a large regional law firm, focusing her practice almost exclusively on corporate bankruptcy and commercial litigation. 

Rebecca is admitted to practice law in North Carolina and Florida.  She holds a B.S. in English (cum laude) from Appalachian State University and a J.D. from the University of North Carolina School of Law.

Deanna R. Lindquist

Deanna R. Lindquist has more than twenty years of experience across multiple areas of corporate and employment law, representing both individuals and companies.  As a former partner in both a large regional and a small law firm, and a former legal executive with a global financial institution, Deanna’s combination of legal and business experience allows her to identify creative solutions to help individuals and businesses navigate conflict.  

Deanna has extensive experience in the labor and employment field, where she has concentrated the majority of her career.  In private practice, Deanna represented both companies and individuals on a wide variety of employment law matters, including in employment discrimination, wrongful discharge, whistleblower claims, wage and hour, common law contract and tort claims, noncompete agreements, theft of trade secrets, employee raiding and conducting internal investigations. Deanna also has experience in resolving a variety of business disputes.  As a former executive in the law department of a global financial institution, Deanna managed a team of 90+ attorneys, paralegals and legal professionals across multiple domestic and international locations who provided advice and counsel on employment laws, third party contracts and technology transactions, legal entity governance and corporate strategic transactions.

Deanna is admitted to practice law in the states of North Carolina and Virginia.  As a highly skilled attorney and a committed mediator, Deanna can assist you in promptly, efficiently, economically and confidentiality resolving your disagreement, dispute or legal issue without the costs, challenges and uncertainty of litigation.

Admission Details

Admitted in 1997, North Carolina

Admitted in 1993, Virginia

Law School Attended:

University of North Carolina, J.D. with honors


Deanna R. Lindquist 



19710 Shearwater Point Drive

Cornelius, NC 28031


Rebecca S. Henderson



18909 Mountainview Drive

Cornelius, NC 28031